Updates - Feb 2021

Happy 2021! We've been heads down over the last few weeks, working on a ton of goodies for you. Now that we have this core release out, expect to see faster paced updates, as we light up a lot more nodes out of the box for analytics and integrations with external systems in the coming weeks.

What's new

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  • Revamped UX for Streams making it easier to find and manage streams: Streams are now split into input & output streams. Input streams are the ones you import (RTSP streams, Media files hosted on a web server, etc.) and Output streams are ones generated by Lumeo pipelines. Note that streams from a Camera now only appear under the Cameras section. However the Video source selector allows you to select any and all input streams easily.
  • Revamped metadata format, making it easier to access metadata in the function node. We are deprecating the old method used to access object detection metadata, so you will need to update your function nodes. See Function Node for details on how to access, and each node reference for details about the metadata it adds to the pipeline.


  • Deployments now transition from Stopped to Deploying to Running when you Start them. This resolves a common issue where you would try to play a stream before the deployment was actually running, and hence it would just not play.
  • RTSP URLs & Cameras with special characters in the credentials now work as expected.
  • Improved thresholds on Person detection models to reduce false positives.