Updates - March 2021

Spring is (almost) here! And with it, we bring you new nodes, bug fixes and (pretty awesome, if we may say so ourselves) performance improvements. Our focus for the upcoming release is to address issues we are seeing with clip storage, adding trigger conditions for clips & snapshots to make working with streaming metadata easier, and improve Console's responsiveness. Ah, and a new feature that we are sure you'll love.

What's new

  • New nodes :
    -- Presence Detector Node : Count and track how long objects have been present in a specific region of interest.
    -- Line Counter Node : Count the number of objects that have crossed the line in one direction or the other.
    -- Webhook Node : Send metadata to a webhook.

  • New models : Face detection (for infrared cameras), Vehicle Detection (for Dash cam perspective)

  • Updated models : Vehicle Detection, License plate detection, Vehicle type classification.

  • Deployment management UX has a new look, with a split pane view that leads to less clicking and easier access to the deployments you are looking for.

  • x86 + DGPU support : You can now run the lumeo gateway installer on x86 linux (Ubuntu 18.04) with discrete Nvidia GPUs. For those times when Arm just won't do :). This means you can install Lumeo in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud GPU-based VMs, or on local linux boxes.


  • Major under the hood revisions to our MQTT infrastructure, making connections from lumeod to our cloud much more reliable in the face of local network issues.
  • Starting, stopping and updating Deployments is much more reliable now. Deployments auto start when created. When gateway auto updates or restarts, previously running pipelines will now auto start. When you update a running deployment, it will automatically restart to pick up new parameters - all the stuff you'd not want to think twice about.
  • Lumeo can discover and link ONVIF enabled NVRs. We also fixed a pesky issue that resulted in some NVRs locking out the Lumeo host IP completely.
  • Camera status is now accurately reflected in the Console.
  • Pipelines with WebRTC and RTSP output streams now work as expected.
  • And many more.