Updates - Sept 2023

Role-based Access Controls, Lumeo-Ready Gateways, Time-bound trial gateways and RTSP playback in Console.

Hot off the press, here are the highlights from the latest release:


  • 🍀 Roles Based Access Control : Assign organization and workspace level roles to limit what users can do. Available on Enterprise plans.
  • 🍀 Lumeo-Ready Gateways : Lumeo-Ready gateways are Jetson and DGPU based devices that ship with Lumeo pre-installed, and make setup easy via a web interface in the field. You can order Lumeo-Ready gateways from select partners.
  • 🍀 Lumeo Console now allows playback of RTSP streams from Cameras and pipeline output streams. Support to playback user-configured RTSP streams is coming next. (Requires Gateway v 1.19.1 or higher).
  • Time-bound Trial Gateways : We heard you! Anyone can now create a Lumeo Cloud Trial Gateway with a 3 hour runtime. After 3 hours, the gateway will automatically shut down, and you can restart it in the Console. This allows us to offer Trial gateways to more users and never have to expire them.

Gateway (1.19.15)

  • Supports Lumeo Console playback of RTSP streams.
  • Triton-based (parallelized) inferencing now supports Nvidia ETLT models.
  • Reduced memory utilization by lazy loading CUDA
  • Supports exporting Metrics using OTLP HTTP push in addition to previously supported OTLP gRPC push.