Updates - Dec 2020

What's new

  • Overlay Node in the pipeline editor. Use it to display the output of an AI Inference Node (detected objects, labels) on the video stream.
  • Pipelines list view now takes you directly to the editor when you click on a pipeline. Previously, it would show you a list of Pipeline deployments first. You can now find Pipeline deployments under the Deployments page.
  • New Pipeline Examples section in docs with a range of examples showing how you can use, insert metadata in your pipelines and conditionally capture clips and snapshots.
  • New lumeo gateway software release. Install by running the installer on your existing gateways (and saying no in the end when you are asked if you want to setup as a new gateway) :
    sh <(wget -qO-
    (we know this is annoying :) - there's a docker container + auto update in the works)


  • Removes the Trigger and Webhooks properties from Clip and Snapshot nodes. These are yet to be implemented, so being removed to avoid confusion. To implement conditional capture of Clips or Snapshots, use the Custom Function node. See examples under Pipeline Examples.