Updates - Dec 2022


  • 🍀 Usage limits : Set limits on the number of deployments, cloud storage, video minutes and live streams are processed to control spend.
  • 🐛 Improved logging when analytic pipelines encounter errors
  • 🐛 Performance improvements, Scalability and Bug fixes.



  • 🍀 Vehicle and People ReIdentification Models

Gateway (v 1.3.29)

(All connected Gateways will auto update and restart any running deployments)

  • 🍀 Balena support for Jetson NX
  • 🍀 Torch and Torchvision pre-installed in Gateway container images, use via Custom Functions
  • 🍀 Object tensors now available in custom function nodes
  • 🐛 Fix for missing cameras during Discovery when a large number of cameras are present