Updates - March 2022

Docker container support for DGPU installs, New Models: Forklift, Face gear, Crowd People, New Integrations: Elasticsearch, SMS, Pushover, Azure Face Recognition and LPR enhancements.

Lumeo Core Platform


  • New, ready-to-use templates for more use cases

Performance, Stability & Security

  • Docker container support for DGPU installations, for ease of setup and deployment management
  • Installer enhancements to reduce memory utilization, free up disk space and support alternate disk installation for Jetson devices
  • Significant runtime performance and stability improvements in light of network issues.


  • View your invoices and update payment methods from the Lumeo Console.


  • New Models : Forklift detection, Face gear, Crowd People Body detection (high density)

Lumeo Pipeline Nodes

Integrations (read more here)