Trigger SMS Alert

Send an SMS alert when a specific condition is met.


The node sends an SMS (using Twilio) when a trigger condition is met. It can also send a link to live stream as well as any Clips or Snapshots uploaded to Lumeo Cloud using Save Clip Node or Save Snapshot Node.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : None


to_numbersComma separated list of mobile numbers to send SMS to. Format: +(countrycode)phonenumber

Ex. +13442212222,+19554494493
trigger_messageMessage to send as the alert.

Ex. Overtime parking detected
send_uploaded_filesIf true, includes any clips or snapshots uploaded by this pipeline to Lumeo cloud in the SMS.
include_livestreamIf true, includes a link to the live stream in the SMS.
lumeo_api_keyAPI Key for this Lumeo application that this pipeline is deployed to. Find it here: API
twilio_account_sidTwilio account ID, found on your Twilio dashboard.

Ex. ACbd369d9cf984c47278fe12319861923861
twilio_auth_tokenTwilio auth token, found on your Twilio dashboard.
twilio_messaging_service_sidSID of Twilio Messaging Service to send the SMS from. See here for how to setup and get this SID :
triggerSend the SMS once this trigger condition is met.

The trigger expression must be a valid Dot-notation expression that operates on Pipeline Metadata and evaluates to True or False. See details here.

ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta > 0
intervalMin time between consecutive SMS notifications.
poll_intervalFrequency to check for uploaded clips and snapshots.


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