Axis Network IO Read

Read a virtual IO port on an Axis device (or one that otherwise supports VAPIX).


The Axis Network IO Read node reads data from an Axis device over the network. This node makes it easy to build common use cases such as reading sensor data, triggering alarms, etc.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : Axis IO Port Status


vapix_virtual_io_portComma separated Digital IO port numbers to read. Refer to your device's documentation for supported IO port listing.stringnulltrue
metadata_nameCustomizable name for the values read from the specified ports. This will be accessible in downstream metadata, with 'delta' and 'state' fields. Alphanumeric characters and underscores only.stringnullfalse
ip_addressIP address of the VAPIX device. Can be an IP address, FQDN or IP:API_Port format.stringnulltrue
vapix_usernameVAPIX authentication username.stringnulltrue
vapix_passwordVAPIX authentication password.stringnulltrue
use_httpsWhether to use a secure HTTPS connection for the VAPIX request.boolfalsefalse
insecureWhether the TLS certificate used for the HTTPS connection should be verified. Conditional on 'use_https'.boolfalsefalse
reconfigure_portsIf true, reconfigure the specified Digital IO ports to be Inputs.boolfalsefalse
input_typeInput type. Supported values: 'Active Closed' (closed), 'Active Open' (open).enum'closed'true

Note: Virtual IO port and Digital IO port are not network ports. They refer to digital IO interfaces on the Axis device.


Metadata PropertyDescription
nodes.<node_id>Describes the data read from the Axis device. <node_id> for Axis Network IO Read Nodes is of the form axis_network_io_readX (ex. axis_network_io_read1).
nodes.<node_id>.all_pin_deltaA boolean value indicating if there is a change in any of the pin states.
nodes.<node_id>.all_pin_stateA boolean value indicating the state of all pins.
nodes.<node_id>.any_pin_deltaA boolean value indicating if there is a change in the state of at least one pin.
nodes.<node_id>.any_pin_stateA boolean value indicating the state of any pin.
nodes.<node_id>.pins.<pin_number or metadata_name>.deltaA boolean value indicating if there is a change in the state of the specified pin.
nodes.<node_id>.pins.<pin_number or metadata_name>.stateA boolean value indicating the state of the specified pin.