Calibrate Camera

Calibrate camera view to real world distances


Calibrate Camera is designed to adjust the camera view to match real-world distances accurately. This functionality is useful for applications requiring precise distance measurements from video data. By ensuring the camera's view is correctly calibrated, users can rely on the accuracy of distance measurements within the video feed, enhancing the application's reliability and effectiveness.

The output of this node is used by Speed Estimation node.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : Presence Information


roi_labelsCalibration square labels.stringcalibrationYes
roisDraw a 4-point square ROI on the ground, such that its length in real world is equal to calibration Length specified below. Type: polygon. Conditional on roi_labels.string0.25,0.25,0.25,0.75,0.75,0.75,0.75,0.25Yes
roi_sizeReal-world length of the square. Slider with min: 1, max: 100.0.slider5Yes
roi_size_unitsLength calibration unit. Options: Foot (ft), Meter (m).enumftNo
display_roiDisplay calibration grid?boolfalseNo