Role Based Access Control

RBAC allows you to set permissions for individual users on your account to limit what they can do.



Workspace Roles are only available on Enterprise plans.

To configure Roles, head to Settings -> Members.


A Role may have one or more capabilities as defined in the Roles section. The following table describes available capabilities:

Invite MembersCan invite external members to join the organization
Assign RolesCan assign roles for members
Manage Billing & PlansCan upgrade / downgrade Plan and set usage restrictions
Can view & update billing information
Can download invoices
Create API KeysCan create a API key that provides full access to the Lumeo API
DesignCan Design analytics Pipeline and upload custom models
Can view & create Dashboards
DeployCan provision gateways, cameras and input streams
Can deploy existing analytics
Can view & create Dashboards
MonitorCan view Dashboards

Organization-level Roles

These Roles apply across the entire organization.

Role NameInvite MembersAssign RolesManage Billing & PlansCreate API KeysDesignDeployMonitor
Managerβœ…βœ… Except Owner and Billing RolesβŒβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…

Workspace-level Roles

These Roles apply to a user for a specific workspace.

Role NameAssign RolesInvite MembersManage Billing & PlansCreate API KeysDesignDeployMonitor