Trigger Pushover Notification

Send a push notification using Pushover app


The node sends a Push notification using Pushover) when a trigger condition is met. It can also send a link to live stream as well as any Clips or Snapshots uploaded to Lumeo Cloud using Save Clip Node or Save Snapshot Node.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : None


pushover_user_keys Comma separated list of Pushover user keys to send notification to. See below for instruction on how to obtain user keys.

Ex. uggefrbuzskmexfkn12311921707, 12381y9dahs1298311
trigger_messageMessage to send as the alert.

Ex. Overtime parking detected
send_uploaded_filesIf true, includes any clips or snapshots uploaded by this pipeline to Lumeo cloud in the notification.
include_livestreamIf true, includes a link to the live stream in the notification.
include_snapshotIf true, include a snapshot from the pipeline along with the notification.
lumeo_api_keyAPI Key for this Lumeo application that this pipeline is deployed to. Find it here: API
pushover_app_token Your Pushover app token. See below for instructions on how to create a Pushover app.

Ex. aq58wehfsa9y12381231
triggerSend the notification once this trigger condition is met.

The trigger expression must be a valid Dot-notation expression that operates on Pipeline Metadata and evaluates to True or False. See details here.

ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta > 0
intervalMin time between consecutive notifications.
poll_intervalFrequency to check for uploaded clips and snapshots.


Metadata PropertyDescription

Pushover Configuration

Start by signing up for a Pushover account at . Pushover provides mobile and desktop apps that let you receive push notifications from various sources.

Create a new Pushover App

Navigate to your Pushover dashboard at and create an Application. You can give it any name and logo. You only need to do this once.


Create a new Pushover app

Obtain Pushover App token

Navigate to your Pushover app and grab the API Token/Key.


Obtain Pushover app token

Obtain Pushover User Keys

Pushover user keys can be obtained from the mobile app or desktop pushover apps. Collect them from your users and provision them in this node's properties.