ReIdentify Objects

Reidentify objects by comparing signatures generated by a ReId model. Overwrites object tracking ids when match found.


The ReIdentify Objects node allows for reidentifying objects by comparing signatures generated by a ReId model. This functionality is useful for applications requiring accurate object tracking across different frames or scenes.


objects_to_reidObject types to process. Leave blank to process all. ex. car, person, car.redmodel-labelnullNo
object_src_nodeIf specified, only process objects generated by the specified source node. Placeholder: ex. model_inference1nodenullNo
reid_model_nodeNode that contains the reidentification model.nodenullYes
reid_comparison_methodReId comparison method. Options: Cosine, Adaptive Angular Margin LossenumcosineNo
reid_thresholdOnly consider objects with similarity below this threshold as a ReId match. Min: 0, Max: 1.0, Step: 0.05slider0.5Yes
max_object_lifespanMax. object lifespan in seconds.float60No