Trigger HikCentral Alarm

Trigger an alarm in HikCentral


This node triggers a Generic Event in HikCentral based on specified trigger conditions. This generic event can be configured in HikCentral to trigger an alarm and take other actions.


Alarm triggered in HikCentral using Lumeo generated Generic Event

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : None


hostnameHostname or IP address of the HikCentral server. Please ensure that the server is reachable from the Lumeo Gateway that this pipeline is deployed to.

portGeneric Event port that is configured in HikCentral settings. See below for configuration instructions. Lumeo will connect to the port using TCP.

ex. 15300
event_nameName of the HikCentral Generic event triggered by this node. Use to setup Generic Event filter in HikCentral.

ex. Overtime Parking
regex_metaComma separated regular expressions to select additional metadata to be sent with the event. Use to configure Generic event filters in HikCentral.

ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.* will send line counter metadata to HikCentral.
triggerIf set, an alarm is raised when this trigger condition evaluates to True, subject to the minimum interval as specified below.

The trigger expression must be a valid Dot-notation expression that operates on Pipeline Metadata and evaluates to True or False. See details here.

ex. `nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta > 0
intervalMinimum time, in seconds, between consecutive alarms.

If a trigger is not specified, an alarm will be raised at this interval.

ex. 60

HikCentral Setup

Enable Generic Events

Lumeo HikCentral Integration uses Generic Events to send Events to HikCentral. To enable them:

  1. Launch the HikCentral Web Client, and navigate to General -> Event and Alarm -> Generic Event

  1. Check "Receive Generic Event" checkbox and click Save.

  1. Open HikCentral Service Manager and click System Management Services to confirm the Generic Event receiving port.

  1. Use the "Receiving Generic Event Port" value to setup your node properties in Lumeo.

Event Configuration

Create a new Generic Event in HikCentral (from the General -> Event and Alarm -> Generic Events page) with the following settings:

  • Transport Type: TCP
  • Match Type: Search
  • Expression: You can use any combination of terms that appear in the Metadata sent by Lumeo (format below).

Lumeo will send the following metadata in the Generic Event to HikCentral. This can be used to create a filter and configure the Generic event.

Note that the event_meta values will vary based on the configured properties in Lumeo node.

  "originator": "Lumeo",
  "event_name": "event_name configured in Node settings",
  "sources": [
     "source_name":"Left Parking Lot Camera"}
  "event_meta": [
    "nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta": 10

Alarm Configuration

This Generic Event can then be used to trigger an Alarm or take other actions (such as recording video, sending alerts, messages, etc).

Navigate to General -> Event and Alarm -> Event and Alarm Configuration -> Normal Event and Alarm.