Generic Classifier

Retrieves classifier results based on the similarity of text prompts and the images of objects in a ROI, or of a ROI image contents.


The Generic Classifier node is designed to retrieve classifier results by analyzing the similarity of text prompts and the images of objects within a Region of Interest (ROI), or the contents of a ROI image. This functionality is useful for applications requiring detailed classification of objects or areas within a video feed.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs: 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Outputs: 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata: nodes.node_id, recognized_objs, recognized_obj_ids, recognized_obj_count, recognized_obj_delta, value_changed_delta, unrecognized_obj_count, unrecognized_obj_delta


roi_labelsRegions of interest labelshiddenYes
roisRegions of interest. Type: polygon. Default: null. Conditional on roi_labels.polygonnullYes
processing_modeProcessing mode. Options: ROIs, at an Interval (rois_interval), ROIs, upon a Trigger (rois_trigger), Objects in an ROI (objects).enumrois_intervalYes
triggerTrigger Condition. Queue ROI for lookup when this condition evaluates to true. Conditional on processing_mode being rois_trigger.trigger-conditionnull
objects_to_processObject types to process. ex. car,person, Conditional on processing_mode being objects.model-labelnull
min_obj_size_pixelsMin. width and height of an object. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.number64
obj_lookup_size_change_thresholdObject size ratio change threshold. Slider min: 0.1, max: 2.0, step: 0.2. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.slider0.1
max_lookups_per_objMax. attempts per object. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.number5
input_textClass descriptions and labels. Format: <description>=<label>.textnull
min_similarity_thresholdMinimum similarity threshold. Slider min: 0, max: 1.0, step: 0.05.slider0.2Yes
intervalLookup interval in seconds.number1
classifier_modelClassifier model accuracy. Options: Default (default-classifier-model), High accuracy (high-classifier-model).enumdefault-classifier-model
display_roiDisplay ROI on video?booltrue
display_objinfoDisplay results on video? Options: Disabled (disabled), Bottom left (bottom_left), Bottom right (bottom_right), Top left (top_left), Top right (top_right).enumbottom_left
debugLog debugging information?boolfalse


The output metadata includes detailed information about the classification results, such as the types of objects recognized, their counts, and any changes in their recognition status. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the scene being analyzed.

Output Metadata

Metadata PropertyDescription
nodes.[node_id].rois.[roi_id].label_changed_deltaIndicates if there has been a change in the label of the ROI.
nodes.[node_id].rois.[roi_id].label_availableIndicates if a label is available for the ROI.
nodes.[node_id].recognized_obj_countThe count of recognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].recognized_obj_deltaThe change in the count of recognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].label_changed_obj_deltaThe change in the count of objects with changed labels.
nodes.[node_id].unrecognized_obj_countThe count of unrecognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].unrecognized_obj_deltaThe change in the count of unrecognized objects.

Example JSON