Analyses line crossings to detect tailgating events.


The Tailgating node analyses line crossings from a prior Line crossing node to detect tailgating events.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs: 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Outputs: 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata: Tailgating Metadata


object_typesComma-separated list of object types to consider. Empty list processes all objects. ex. car,person,face.maskmodel-labelpersonNo
line_idLine ID from a preceding Line or MultiLine node to monitor for tailgating. ex. front_entrance or front_entrance+vestibulestringnullYes
tailgating_ruleTailgating rule. Options: interval, trigger. interval requires a minimum interval between objects crossing the line. trigger requires an external trigger (such as badge swipe) before each object that crosses the line.enumintervalYes
tailgating_intervalMinimum time between objects crossing the specified line to be considered valid. A tailgating event will be triggered for objects that cross within a smaller interval. Conditional on tailgating_rule set to interval.number5Yes
correlating_triggerIf specified, each object that crosses must be preceded by a trigger event that satisfies this condition. If not, a tailgating event will be triggered. Conditional on tailgating_rule set to trigger.trigger-conditionnullYes
correlating_trigger_bufferEach correlating trigger will be matched with an object crossing within this interval. After the interval elapses, the trigger will be discarded. Conditional on tailgating_rule set to trigger.number5Yes
crossing_allowanceNumber of objects allowed to cross per interval or trigger.number1Yes
displayDisplay mode. Options: none, basic, full. none does not display anything. basic highlights violating objects. full displays stats and highlights violating objects.enumbasicNo



    "nodes": {
        "[node_id]": {
            "tailgating_delta": true,
            "[line_id]": {
                "tailgating_delta": true


node_idThis node's ID. Format: tailgatingX ex. tailgating1
tailgating_delta1 if tailgating was detected from previous frame to this frame.