Add Metadata

Inject a file or sockets contents as metadata to each frame.


Add Metadata to frames. Connects to a port and injects data read from the port as metadata to each frame.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Any
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Same as Input
  • Output Metadata : See below.


source_uriURI to read to fetch metadata. Supported formats:

- tcp://<ip-address>:<port> : Node will connect to this Port & IP Address and add received data as metadata. \n is used as a data delimiter.


Access this metadata using the Function Node or using the API, from the snapshot or clip saved downstream of this node.

Metadata PropertyDescription
<node_id>.metadataMetadata read in from the URI.

The format of this property will be whatever was read from the source.