Publish to Lumeo Dashboard

Publish metrics to Lumeo Dashboard for charting and visualization.


This node is publishes pipeline metadata to Lumeo Dashboards periodically or when a trigger condition is met. You can use it for reporting and dashboards.

How to Use

This node can publish 3 types of metadata to the Lumeo Dashboard.

Metadata TypeDescriptionWhen to Use
Node MetadataThis includes Node-specific metadata such as Line Counter Node's line crossing metadata or Occupancy Monitor node's occupancy metadata. Refer to Node's documentation for information on what metadata is published to the Dashboard.Use it to publish Node-specific stats such as line crossings, or occupancy numbers.
Object Attributes MetadataThis includes object types and object attributes that are added to an object by AI Model Node or specific Recognition nodes.Use it to capture and display attributes (such as license plate numbers, vehicle types, barcode values, colors, etc.)

Note that if you are just trying to count object attributes you are better served by using the Node Metadata instead of publishing Object Attributes.
Event MetadataThis publishes an event to the Dashboard every time specific Trigger Conditions are met.Use it to publish counts of custom events that are not already being published by Node metadata -- such as a car making an illegal left turn.

Dashboard Setup

After deploying a Pipeline with this node, create a Lumeo Dashboards and add a Data widget to it to visualize the data.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : None


nodes_to_publishPublishes node metadata for specified nodes (that appear prior to this node in the PIpeline).
none : Disable publishing.
all : Publish all supported nodes . (Default)
specific : Publish only the specified nodes using

node_ids_to_publishPublish metadata for the specified Node ID, when nodes_to_publish is set to specific.
Ex. annotate_line_counter1, annotate_queue1
triggerPublish specific node metadata just when this condition evaluates to true. Uses default triggers if not specified. Use with nodes_to_publish set to specific.

Ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.dir1_objects_crossed_delta > 0
objects_to_publishPublishes object attributes depending on object's properties meeting the specified criteria.
none: Disable object attribute publishing.
node_related: Publish attributes for objects related to Specific Node (above)
pattern_matched_objects :Publish attributes for objects specified by Metadata pattern
type_matched_objects :Publish attributes for objects matching a specific type.
object_match_patternsPublish object metadata for objects specified by this pattern. Use with pattern_matched_objects
Ex. nodes.*.*.*.cur_dir1_objects
objects_only_new_updatedPublish only New/Updated Objects
If true, only publishes new/updated objects.
object_typesObject types to publish (unset means process all). Use with type_matched_objects.
Ex. car,person,
object_track_lifespanObject Track Lifespan (Frames)
Number of frames for which an object is tracked to prevent duplicate reporting when the New/Updated option is set.
event_typeMetrics Event type to publish. This can be used to filter/count specific events in the Dashboard.
Ex. car_stop_and_go
event_triggerPublish a Metrics Event just when this condition evaluates to true.
Ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.dir1_objects_crossed_delta > 0
metrics_tagTag published metrics with this tag to make it easier to filter or group them in the Dashboard.
intervalMin Interval (seconds)
Minimum time between consecutive publish actions
use_stream_clockUse timestamps from Stream?

If true, reports timestamps from the stream. Enable to report correct time information when processing files.


This node does not add any new metadata to the frame.

Metadata PropertyDescription