Events allow you to monitor the state of your vision solution, and integrate it with other systems (ticketing, internal dashboards, etc.) to take corrective action. Events are available to you via a REST API and the Lumeo Console.


Event Types

Events are generated by various parts of the Lumeo platform, and each Event has the following properties:

  • UUID - Unique ID for each generated instance of an event
  • Created Time
  • Event Time
  • Type: Event type string, e.g. [camera.online](http://camera.online) or camera.offline.
  • Category: camera, gateway, deployment, stream, other
  • Payload : This is an autogenerated description for the event.
  • Severity: error, warning, info, debug
  • Object : The type of entity that is referenced in this Event (camera, gateway, deployment, stream, other)
  • Object ID : The ID of entity that is referenced in this Event.

API Reference

See events