Publish to BigQuery

Publish metrics to Google BigQuery for charting and visualization.


The Publish to BigQuery node allows for publishing metrics to Google BigQuery for charting and visualization. This integration is useful for applications requiring detailed data analysis and reporting, enhancing the capabilities of data-driven decision-making processes.


bigquery_project_idBigQuery project IDstringnullYes
bigquery_dataset_idBigQuery dataset IDstringnullYes
bigquery_credentialsBigQuery credentialsstringnullYes
node_ids_to_publishNode metadata to publishnodenullYes
triggerPublish node metadata only when this condition evaluates to truetrigger-conditionnullNo
objects_to_publishPublish object metadata depending on object's properties meeting the specified criteria. Options: Specified by node, Specified by metadata pattern, Specific typesenumnullYes
object_match_patternsPublish object metadata for objects specified by this pattern. Conditional on objects_to_publish being pattern_matched_objectsmetadata-listnullNo
object_typesObject types to publish. Leave blank to process all. Conditional on objects_to_publish being type_matched_objectsmodel-labelnullNo
event_typeMetrics event type to publish. This can be used to filter or count specific events in the dashboard.stringnullNo
event_triggerLog a metrics event when this condition evaluates to true.trigger-conditionnullNo
metrics_tagTag published metrics with this tag to make it easier to filter them in the Dashboard.stringnullNo
objects_only_new_updatedPublish only new or updated objectsbooltrueYes
object_track_lifespanNumber of frames for which an object is tracked to prevent duplicate reporting when the new/updated option is set. Unit: framesnumber600Yes
intervalMin. time between consecutive publish actions. Unit: secondsfloat1Yes
use_stream_clockUse timestamps from stream?boolfalseYes