Stream Homekit Node

Publish output RTSP streams as Apple Homekit cameras and trigger motion alerts


This node creates a Homekit Camera accessory that can be discovered from and streams to Apple Homekit compatible devices.

This node can be used at any point in a PIpeline, but requires a Stream RTSP Node to be present in that PIpeline to function.

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format : Raw
  • Output Metadata : None


homekit_pinPin to be used to link the camera to Homekit. Must be of the format xxx-xx-xxx

Ex. 331-45-211
homekit_camera_nameCamera name as it should appear in Homekit. If not specified, it will be set to the deployment name.
source_nodeOptional. Stream RTSP Node node name from this PIpeline whose stream to use as the source for the Homekit stream. If not specified, uses the first one it finds.
lumeo_api_keyAPI Key for this Lumeo application that this pipeline is deployed to. Find it here: API
triggerSend a motion detected notification to Homekit when this condition evaluates to true.

The trigger expression must be a valid Dot-notation expression that operates on Pipeline Metadata and evaluates to True or False. See details here.

ex. nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta > 0


Metadata PropertyDescription

Homekit Discovery

Once the deployment with this Pipeline is running, on a IOS/Apple device, perform the following steps to discover and link the Camera:

  • Open the Home App, navigate to "Add Accessory"
  • Select "More Options" and you should see the Cameras listed there.
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