Perform OCR on objects in an ROI, or on a ROI in the frame.


The OCR node allows for performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on objects within a Region of Interest (ROI), or on a ROI within the frame. This functionality is crucial for applications requiring text recognition and extraction from video feeds.


roi_labelsRegions of interest labelshiddenYes
roisRegions of interest. Type: polygon. Default: null. Conditional on roi_labels.polygonnullYes
processing_modeProcessing mode. Options: ROIs, at an Interval (rois_interval), ROIs, upon a Trigger (rois_trigger), Objects in an ROI (objects).enumrois_intervalYes
triggerQueue ROI for OCR when this condition evaluates to true. Conditional on processing_mode being rois_trigger.trigger-conditionnullYes
objects_to_processObject types to process. ex. car,person,car.red. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.model-labelnullYes
min_obj_size_pixelsMin. width and height of an object. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.number64Yes
obj_lookup_size_change_thresholdObject size ratio change threshold. Slider min: 0.1, max: 2.0, step: 0.2. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.slider0.1Yes
max_lookups_per_objMax. OCR attempts per object. Conditional on processing_mode being objects.number5Yes
group_ocr_resultsGroup OCR texts?boolfalseNo
ocr_match_patternOCR match pattern. Only retain OCR results that match this Regular Expression pattern. Leave blank to keep unfiltered results.stringnullNo
min_confidenceOCR confidence threshold. Slider min: 0, max: 1, step: 0.05.slider0.7Yes
ocr_intervalOCR lookups interval in seconds.number1No
display_roiDisplay ROI on video?booltrueNo
display_objinfoDisplay OCR info on video? Options: Disabled, Bottom left, Bottom right, Top left, Top right.enumbottom_leftNo
debugLog debugging information?boolfalseNo

Output Metadata

Metadata PropertyDescription
nodes.[node_id].rois.[roi_id].label_changed_deltaIndicates if there has been a change in the label of the ROI.
nodes.[node_id].rois.[roi_id].label_availableIndicates if a label is available for the ROI.
nodes.[node_id].recognized_obj_countThe count of recognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].recognized_obj_deltaThe change in the count of recognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].label_changed_obj_deltaThe change in the count of objects with changed labels.
nodes.[node_id].unrecognized_obj_countThe count of unrecognized objects.
nodes.[node_id].unrecognized_obj_deltaThe change in the count of unrecognized objects.

Example JSON