Trigger Milestone Event

Trigger an analytics event in XProtect


This node triggers an Analytics Event in Milestone XProtect based on specified trigger conditions. This event can be configured in XProtect to trigger an alarm and take other actions.


Event/Alarm triggered in Milestone XProtect using Lumeo generated Analytics Event

Inputs & Outputs

  • Inputs : 1, Media Format : Raw Video
  • Outputs : 1, Media Format: Raw Video
  • Output Metadata : None


hostnameHostname or IP address of the XProtect server. Please ensure that the server is reachable from the Lumeo Gateway that this pipeline is deployed to.

portAnalytics Event port that is configured in XProtect settings. See below for configuration instructions. Lumeo will connect to the port using TCP.

ex. 9090
message (aka event_name)Name of the Analytics Event that will be sent by Lumeo. Must be one of the Analytics Events as defined in XProtect.

ex. OvertimeParking
srcUnique ID of the Camera from Milestone that this event is associated with. See below for how to obtain this from XProtect Management Client.

Note: If you configure the Milestone Open Network / ONVIF Bridge as a source camera in Lumeo, and use one of it's streams, you can skip this and Lumeo will automatically configure it for you.

ex. 9121-2291a-23941-a341321
descriptionIf specified, this will be visible in the Smart Client, when managing alarms based on this event.
event_typeEvent sub-type for the Lumeo generated event. This will be displayed as the "Event Type" in XProtect Client Events list.

ex. Parking
include_snapshotIncludes a snapshot of the event from the pipeline. Will be displayed alongside the live video from the camera in the Event window.

ex. true / false
node_filterComma separated list of nodes from which metadata will be sent to XProtect, and show up under Rule and Object column in XProtect Events table.

Leaving empty means all relevant nodes. Use this when you have multiple rule nodes configured in your Lumeo pipeline but only want metadata from one of them in this XProtect Event.

ex. annotate_presence2
triggerIf set, an event is sent when this trigger condition evaluates to True, subject to the minimum interval as specified below.

The trigger expression must be a valid Dot-notation expression that operates on Pipeline Metadata and evaluates to True or False. See details here.

ex. `nodes.annotate_line_counter1.lines.line1.total_objects_crossed_delta > 0
intervalMinimum time, in seconds, between consecutive events.

If a trigger is not specified, the event will be triggered at this interval.

ex. 60

Milestone XProtect Setup

Enable Analytics Events

Lumeo Milestone XProtect Integration uses Analytics Events to send Events to Milestone. To enable them:

  1. Launch XProtect Management Client, and navigate to Tools -> Options menu, and open the Analytics Events tab.

  2. Ensure Analytics Events are Enabled, and Events are allowed from All network addresses, or at least, the IP address of your Lumeo Gateway. Make a note of the Port - to be configured in this node within Lumeo.

Event Configuration

Create a new Analytics Event in XProtect Management Client under Rules and Events -> Analytics Events. Note the Name of this event - to be configured as the Event Name property in this node within Lumeo.

Rules Configuration

Navigate to Rules and Events -> Rules to create Rules (such as setting a Bookmark) that are executed when the Analytics Event is triggered. Note that the set of available Rules may vary depending on which XProtect version you are licensed for.

Alarm Configuration

Navigate to Alarms -> Alarm Definitions to create an Alarm that is triggered when the Analytics Event is triggered. Set:

  • Trigger: Triggering Event to Analytics Events and pick the Analytic Event you defined in "Event Configuration" section above.
  • Trigger: Sources to the cameras which you configure as the source in the Lumeo node properties.

To enable viewing all the metadata that Lumeo sends to Milestone, navigate to Alarms -> Alarm Data Settings -> Alarm List Configuration tab and add all options in "Available Columns" to "Selected Columns".

Camera / Source ID

This node allows you to set a Camera ID as the source of the event (in src property). You can obtain this from XProtect Management Client.

Note: If you setup the Milestone Open Network / ONVIF Bridge as a "camera" in Lumeo, and use one of it's streams as the pipeline source, Lumeo will automatically set the correct Camera ID for any alarms / events triggered in Milestone. See section below on how to setup the Bridge as a "camera".

Navigate to Recording Servers section and Ctrl-click on the Camera whose ID you wish to configure as the event source in this node. The properties pane will then show the ID (as highlighted in the image). Copy-paste this into this node's properties.

Configuring XProtect Client

Lumeo generated metadata is available via "Events" in the XProtect Client. Once you have enabled all columns in 'Alarm Data Settings' you will be able to right click the column headers under the Events section and add Rule and Object columns to the Events view. These will contain Lumeo Rule information as well as metadata about any detected objects, etc.

Setting up Milestone ONVIF Bridge in Lumeo

Milestone ONVIF Bridge can be setup as a "Camera" within Lumeo, to bulk import multiple streams and remove the requirement to configure a "Source ID" in the Milestone Node.

Lumeo does not discover the Milestone Bridge automatically. To set it up, use the Add Camera button from a Gateway that can access the Milestone Bridge, and specify the Bridge IP address along with the Port number. Milestone Bridge typically uses Port 580 for ONVIF, so you'd specify it as x.x.x.x:580

Once setup, the Bridge will show up as a Camera in Lumeo, and individual streams will show up under Streams in the Camera detail view.