Recommended Gateway Hardware

If you are looking to procure specific hardware for your Lumeo Gateways, here is some information on various vendors and how to acquire.

Development Kits

Jetson Nano Developer Kit (4GB)

Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit

Jetson Xavier AGX Dev Kit

Commercial Jetson-based Edge Gateways

  • Commercial grade devices based on Nvidia Jetson (aka AI Inference Computers, or Box PCs), running Jetpack 4.6 or higher.
  • Come pre-installed with the right software, so you can install Lumeo on it and get up and running faster.

Note: Pricing may fluctuate, and new supported products will be added from time to time. Lumeo has established a distribution process with Seneca Data (An Arrow Company) to facilitate the procurement of such devices. Please reach out to Lumeo to be connected.

You can also find similar Jetson devices from other manufacturers. AAEON has an online store to order directly

Boxer 8253-AI (Jetson NX) $1434 :

Boxer 8240-AI (Jetson AGX) $2583 :

Lumeo-ready Gateway Configurations

The following vendors provide Lumeo-ready Gateway devices that are pre-loaded with Lumeo software on it, making it easy to procure and set them up.


For pricing and contact details, please reach out to [email protected]

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