Updates - April 2022

Multi-stream and Local License Plate Recognition pipelines, Send snapshots to Elasticsearch, Autoconfigure Milestone Camera IDs, and new nodes for Profiling Performance and Filter Objects

Core Platform

🔥 Pipelines

  • New template for Multi-stream pipelines that let you process more streams with a given GPU
  • New template for Local License Plate Recognition

Performance, Stability & Security

  • 30% runtime performance improvement for pipelines with a large number of objects
  • Fixed processing slow down when ingesting variable frame rate streams


  • Support double-click in multiline and polygon to finish or close a shape
  • Auto generate default URI stream name from URI/file + allow editing in creation form


  • 🔥 Models : Local License Plate Recognition so you can read license plates on the edge without making a trip to the cloud!

Pipeline Nodes



  • Publish to Elasticsearch Node - send application name, deployment name and snapshots to Elasticsearch.
  • Trigger Milestone Event Node - Automatically configures camera ID when you use Milestone ONVIF / Open Network Bridge as the source, making it even easier to associate alerts and events with the correct camera in Milestone.



  • 🔥 Profile Performance Node : Capture CPU, GPU utilization, memory and FPS along with system information to profile your pipelines.
  • 🔥 Filter Objects Node : Filter out objects within or outside a given ROI
  • Function Node - add, modify and delete object metadata using the Function node, for advanced use cases such as filtering out objects or creating new ones.