Updates - July 2022

File support for offline processing, Simplified BYO model experience, Pre-buffer for Clips, Homekit Streaming node, Docker containers for Jetson devices and Unattended install mode

Hot off the press, here are the highlights from the latest release:


  • πŸ€ File support : Upload files to Lumeo or link a self-hosted file to process it using any gateway. See Files section in left nav to start. See Stream page for details.
  • β€‹πŸ€ Simplified BYO Model experience: A more structured way to import your models into Lumeo. See Analytics Library -> My AI Models to start.
  • β€‹πŸ€ Export pipelines to JSON and import them into a new workspace.
  • πŸ› Fix Bulk updating deployments causes ROI coordinates to be lost​​


  • πŸ€ Save Clip Node Pre-buffer support. Save clips starting from a time before a trigger occurs.
  • πŸ€ Homekit Streaming node : Publish Lumeo output streams as Apple Homekit Cameras for quick viewing and trigger alerts based on any analytic condition.
  • πŸ› Fix flickering when viewing square aspect ratio video snapshots in Line and ROI nodes.​

Gateway (v 0.4.11)

(All connected Gateways will auto update and restart any running deployments)

  • πŸ€ Docker container support for Jetson devices, defaults to docker for new installs. See Setting Up a Gateway section for details.
  • πŸ€ Unattended install support. Specify LUMEO_APP_ID and LUMEO_API_KEY environment variables to the installer to automatically provision a gateway. See Unattended Install section for details.
  • πŸ› Fix so that linked ONVIF cameras' streams update automatically. Fixes an issue with new streams not showing up automatically in the Milestone ONVIF Bridge.
  • πŸ› Fix inferencing slowdowns for the full YOLO models. Typically yields a 2-3x speedup for YOLO models.
    ​For more details, check out the Release notes.