Updates - Nov 2023

Crowd and NSFW models, Labels for files, Improved streaming and new nodes for interfacing with external systems!

Hot off the press, here are the highlights from the latest release:


  • Updated Model format support
    • 🍀 New format support : Azure YOLO CustomVision (General Compact S2) is now supported.
    • Custom models can now be set to use Parallelized (enhanced) or Default inference engine. Parallelized uses Triton to reduce memory consumption, but some model formats may not be supported. If you run into errors with the Parallelized model, you can fall back to Default.
  • Files generated by Save Clip Node and Save Snapshot Node now support Labels and description for manual review workflows. Dashboard Files widget also supports displaying labels and description. Click on a file to view and set.
  • Dashboards enhancements :
    • New metrics for data widgets : Latest Queue Size, Latest Estimated Wait time
    • Multistream widget now lets you enable / disable autoplay. When disabled, it periodically refreshes stream snapshots.


  • 🍀 Jetson GPIO Read Node and Jetson GPIO Write Node let you read and write GPIO pins on Jetson devices to integrate with external systems such as strobes and burglar alarms.
  • 🍀 Webhook Receiver Node lets you receive webhooks from external services and inject the data into the pipeline. (requires Gateway 1.22.13).
  • 🍀 AXIS Network IO Write Node
  • Occupancy Monitor new metadata : estimated wait times, computed using Little's law.
  • Trigger Google Chat Alert Node now supports serving media locally. When set, it will start a webserver to serve locally saved media for that specific deployment, and insert a media url that references itself. This is designed to help improve notification latencies for slow networks where uploads can take long time.
  • Time Trigger Node now supports multiple, freeform time ranges so you can specify multiple times without having to use multiple time trigger nodes. Ex. weekdays 9am-5pm.
  • Trigger Google Chat Alert Node, Trigger SMS Alert Node, Trigger Email Alert Node now support Jinja style templates in the message body fields so you can use metadata to populate the notification body.


  • 🍀 High Density Crowd model makes it possible to count hundreds of people in very high density environments such as events and concerts.
  • 🍀 NSFW model detects content that can be classified as "Not-safe-for-work".

Gateway (1.22.13)

  • Enhanced, persistent logging and diagnostics retrieval.
  • Parallelized (Triton) inferencing now supports ONNX models.
  • Supports Azure CustomVision Yolo models.
  • Support for reading and writing GPIO pins on Jetson devices.
  • Adds onnxruntime-gpu that can be used by custom function nodes to run custom models.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Auto restart the deployments when GPU is unavailable because of driver updates.
    • Reduced the amount of time it takes to stop deployments.
    • RTSP and WebRTC playback is snappier and more reliable.