Updates - Feb 2022

Jetpack 4.6 updates, New VMS Integration Nodes, New Rules: Proximity, Speed, Multi-line, and New Video transformations - Tile video, Multiplex/Demultiplex Nodes. Platform updates to enable easier ROI drawing, and Trigger Conditions for conditional actions.

Lumeo Core Platform


  • ROI Drawing Tools : Draw Lines and ROIs on video stream previews.
  • Trigger Metadata support: Most Lumeo Nodes now generate metadata that can be used in "Trigger Conditions" within other nodes to generate conditional actions (like take a snapshot when an object crosses a line).
  • Trigger Conditions : New Trigger Condition builder in Node properties makes it easier to build trigger conditions with drop down and autocompletion.

Performance, Stability & Security

  • Upgrade to Nvidia Jetpack 4.6 / Deepstream 6.0 (more models support with high accuracy & real-time performance).

    This requires you to update any Jetson devices to Jetpack 4.6 to receive Lumeo software updates moving forward. Instructions here.

  • Auth updates : We've migrated to a new authentication system for Use the "Forgot Password" link on to reset your password if you have trouble logging in.

Lumeo Pipeline Nodes

Integrations (read more here)

Send events and alarms to existing VMS installations.


  • Multi-Segment Line support for Line Counter Node : Draw multi segment lines to improve accuracy for line counters.
  • Proximity Detector : Detect objects that are close to or far away from other objects.
  • Speed Estimation : Estimate speeds of objects in a ROI and set triggers based on high/low thresholds.
  • Occupancy Monitor : Enhancements to enable duplicate object rejection, and other miscellaneous performance tweaks.