Updates - March 2022

Docker container support for DGPU installs, New Models: Forklift, Face gear, Crowd People, New Integrations: Elasticsearch, SMS, Pushover, Azure Face Recognition and LPR enhancements.


Updates - Feb 2022

Jetpack 4.6 updates, New VMS Integration Nodes, New Rules: Proximity, Speed, Multi-line, and New Video transformations - Tile video, Multiplex/Demultiplex Nodes. Platform updates to enable easier ROI drawing, and Trigger Conditions for conditional actions.


Node Metadata Updates - Sept 2021

Metadata format for the LPR, Line Counter, Presence Counter and Queue nodes has been updated to reduce duplicate information, and introduce a uniform structure with new properties that can be used to trigger snapshots, video clip capture, webhooks, etc.


Updates - March 2021

Spring is (almost) here! And with it, we bring you new nodes, bug fixes and (pretty awesome, if we may say so ourselves) performance improvements. Our focus for the upcoming release is to address issues we are seeing with clip storage, adding trigger conditions for clips & snapshots to make working with streaming metadata easier, and improve Console's responsiveness. Ah, and a new feature that we are sure you'll love.


Updates - Feb 2021

Happy 2021! We've been heads down over the last few weeks, working on a ton of goodies for you. Now that we have this core release out, expect to see faster paced updates, as we light up a lot more nodes out of the box for analytics and integrations with external systems in the coming weeks.


Updates - Jan 2021

Merry X'mas and happy holidays! This is a lightweight update as the team takes a bit of a break at the end of the year - we will be back in January with more updates. We are working on a number of improvements in how the pipelines work, the user experience around managing streams & deploying pipelines and a bunch of new nodes. Meanwhile, please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can help with or issues that are blocking you. Cheers!


Updates - Dec 2020

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