Billing & Plans

Lumeo offers free Starter plans, and pay-as-you-go Business plans via self-serve. All new accounts start with the free Starter plan. This guide explains how to upgrade to a Business plan, access invoices and update payment information for customers on the Starter or Business plans.

For customers on custom, reseller or Enterprise plans, please contact your billing support contact to access or change these settings.

Utilization Units

Lumeo tracks and limits / bills based on the following Usage types. You can find your Plan limits, current and included Utilization under Settings -> Utilization section in Console.

You can also click the gear icon next to the specific Utilization unit to set a limit for your account to prevent overages or excessive usage.

Usage TypeUnitDescription
Live stream analyticsMonthly-active live streamsThe number of streams from Camera or Live Streams created in Console, that are processed in that month.

Note that :
- Each substream (main, secondary) of a camera counts as a separate stream.
- Lumeo tracks unique streams by their IDs, not URLs. Ergo, creating 2 streams or cameras in Lumeo with the same URL or IP counts as 2 separate streams.
- A Camera or Stream that is linked to your account but not processed in a Pipeline will not be counted towards this number.

- When you are experimenting with a Live Stream, changing it's URL vs creating a new one is more prudent.
- Deleting a Camera or Live Stream and re-creating it will make it count as a new stream, so avoid deleting when possible. If you replace gateways, move Cameras and Streams to the new gateway (see Camera/Stream settings page) vs creating new Cameras/Streams to avoid billing impact.
Recorded analyticsVideo-minutes processedThe number of video minutes processed from a File Stream. This is the length of the video file that is processed, independent of how long the processing takes.

Minimum 1 minute billing. Any files shorter than 1 minute will be billed for 1 minute.
WorkspacesNumber of workspaces
Cloud storageGBs stored in Lumeo cloud per month.The total data stored in Lumeo Cloud, using Save Clip Node, Save Snapshot Node and / or the files API.
Manage using the Delete Multiple Files or Delete File APIs.

You are billed for the maximum amount stored in a given month.

Upgrade to Business Plan

Head over to Settings -> Manage organization and click Change Plan

Select Change plan to upgrade or downgrade.

Select Change plan to upgrade or downgrade.

Select the Business plan option to Upgrade

Select the Business plan option to Upgrade

Update Payment Information

Head over to Settings -> Manage organization and click Manage Billing.

This will open Lumeo's billing portal and let you download invoices as well as update your payment methods.