Gateway Setup Guide

This section contains guides to setup Lumeo Gateways in the configuration you desire - cloud, on-prem servers or edge devices.


Lumeo Gateway can be setup on a wide variety of hardware running on your premises, in public clouds or in the Lumeo cloud. This guide describes how to set it up on your hardware.

Helpful References :
Gateway documentation
Recommended Gateway Hardware

If installing on x86 server with Nvidia GPU, before you start, ensure that your device is setup with Ubuntu 18 or later, and the latest Nvidia drivers. Verify by running nvidia-smi on a terminal prompt.

Lumeo Cloud Gateways

You can setup a Lumeo Cloud Trial Gateway or request a production Cloud Gateway by navigating to Deploy -> Gateways, and selecting Add Gateway. Once provisioned the Gateway will appear in your account.

Lumeo Gateway Installer

Interactive Install

Set up a new Gateway by running the following command on it and following the installer prompts:

bash <(wget -qO-

This command can also be found in Console under Gateways → Add Gateway. The installer offers you a bunch of options to optimize your installation in the interactive model. Installing the Gateway using this installer will also set it up to auto update whenever a new Gateway version is released.

Unattended Install

Gateway installer supports the following environment variables to allow for bulk, unattended installations:

Env VariableDescriptionNotes
LUMEO_APP_IDSpecify the Application ID to connect this gateway to. See API section to find your Application ID.
LUMEO_API_KEYProvide the API Key for the specific Application you want to connect this gateway to. See API section to find your API Key.
LUMEO_GATEWAY_NAMESpecify the name used for the Gateway & container
LUMEO_UPDATE_SCHEDULESchedule Lumeo container update in a certain date range. See Updates Schedule
NO_PROMPTSpecify this env variable to provision a Gateway using the default settings.

Install and provision gateway to a specific Application Id.

LUMEO_APP_ID='app_id' LUMEO_API_KEY='api_key' bash <(wget -qO-

To make it easy, head to Deploy -> Add Gateway to generate a gateway provisioning token and grab a prefilled installer command you can copy and run on your gateway.

Updates Schedule

Lumeo Gateway ensures seamless updates to keep your system running smoothly and securely. You can customize the update schedule according to your preferences. Here are the available string formats and examples for defining the update schedule:

Time Range Updates: Define a time window during which updates can occur. This is particularly useful for ensuring updates happen during off-peak hours.

Example: monday 9:00am - 11:00am
Example: monday 9:00am - wednesday 5:00pm
Example: friday 5:00pm - monday 9:00am
Example: tuesday 2:45pm

Weekend & weekdays Updates: Schedule updates specifically for weekends or weekdays.

Example: weekdays 8:00pm
Example: weekends 10:00am

Note: When the end time is not specified for a certain format, it will default to 11:59pm. For example, wednesday 3:15pm translates internally to wednesday 3:15pm - 11:59pm. Similarly, weekdays 3:15pm and weekends 3:15pm follow the same convention.

Note: The minimum time interval for updates is 2 hours.

You can configure, edit or remove the update schedule from your Gateway settings by re-running the setup script and selecting the option schedule, or use the LUMEO_UPDATE_SCHEDULE environment variable during installation.

Ensure that your update schedule aligns with your operational requirements and consider factors such as peak usage times and system downtime.

Alternative Setups

Setup TypeInstructionsNotes
AWS - EC2 InstanceAWS - EC2 InstancePrefer ECS to single instance.
AWS - Elastic Container ServiceAWS - ECS
GCP - KubernetesGCP - Kubernetes
GCP - Compute InstanceGCP - Compute InstancePrefer Kubernetes to single instance.
Jetson - BalenaJetson - BalenaLumeo on Balena OS is now deprecated.
Lumeo-Ready Gateway ApplianceLumeo-Ready Gateways

Post Install

Once setup, return to the Console to see it show up in the Gateways list.

You need to ensure the Gateway is able to talk to Lumeo’s cloud services. More info in Security & Network section.